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At Nearsoft we specialize in extending our clients' software development teams. In over ten years, we have built expertise in many software development languages. Here's our iOS resume.

iOS in Mexico

iOS in Mexico?

iOS is widespread in Mexico, most services and product companies have gone mobile.

We've gotten pretty good at hiring and retaining great iOS developers.

iOS in numbers

iOS by the Numbers

As with all our recruiting, we are very selective when it comes to iOS developers,

  • We have hired just 4% of the total pool of applicants.
  • Some of them have come out of our own Nearsoft Academy.
  • Five of our clients develop software using iOS.

So we've got the bragging rights!

ios-based Clients

iOS Frameworks and Technologies

Swift, Promises,, Cocoapods, ObjectMapper, AlamoFire, PromiseKit, Objective C, SQLite, Core Data, AVFoundation, Mantle, MMDrawerController, Hockey App, Jenkins, Urban Airship, Omniture, ComScore, Retrofit

ios Community

iOS Community and Events

We're connected to the international iOS community. Our developers attend several conferences a year.

We host a chapter of iOS School in San Luis Potosi.

Are you a talented iOS developer?

Join us! We're always looking for talented teammates who share our values and want to accomplish our goals.

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