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We're close to Phoenix

Arizona and Chihuahua are partner states. We are close to each other. So close that you can meet us from Phoenix in less than,

Five hours by car
45 minutes by plane

Same Hot Weather, Same Culture

Our culture is similar, we have plenty sister cities, like Hermosillo and Phoenix, or Obregon City and Tucson.

The beautiful desert makes our twin states geographically alike. Arizona has the Grand Canyon, Sonora has the Pinacate. Lake Havasu and the Sea of Cortez.

We know what 115°F feels like.

No habla Espanol

There’s no border when it comes to English. Everyone in Nearsoft is bilingual.

Our recruitment process includes an exclusive interview to check proficiency in conversational English. The training team has ongoing sessions called CEP (Communications Enhancement Program).

The CEP enables software engineers to constantly polish their soft skills and integrates lessons on English for Special Purposes (ESP). Meetings, standups and other activities become second nature for the whole team.

Time Zone Rebels

Communication is seamless when time zones are aligned. Like Arizona, Sonora doesn’t turn the clock for daylight savings. Your team at the Hermosillo office wakes up at the same time you do.

Our Chihuahua and Mexico City offices are, at most, two hours ahead year round.

To sum it up, Nearsoftian software engineers are in constant contact with their peers in the US.

We Have a Great Track Record

Nearsoft works with great companies in Arizona.

Arizona is our Home

Indecomm, our parent company, has offices is in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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