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Nearsoft extends your software development team with engineers who care about your product and your journey.

Our culture encourages Nearsoftians to be themselves, be playful, and innovate. Great ideas emerge organically when people feel empowered!

Beyond creating great software products, your team will step up to an active and accountable role.

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No Habla Espanol

There’s no border when it comes to English. Everyone in Nearsoft is bilingual.

Our recruitment process includes an exclusive interview to check proficiency in conversational English. The training team has ongoing sessions called CEP (Communications Enhancement Program).

The CEP enables software engineers to constantly polish their skills and integrates lessons on English for Special Purposes (ESP). Meetings, standups and other activities become second nature for the whole team.


Engineers Hire Engineers

Our recruiting team manages the process, but in the end developers know best if a candidate is qualified and a good fit for their team.

Cultural fit is as important as technical qualifications. For example, as the last step of our interview process we hold a Pair Programming exercise. This gives us the chance to observe how people develop their approach to a problem and how they iterate through possible solutions. Even more important, we get to experience working side-by-side with the candidate and getting to know her in a meaningful way.

We have the privilege to work with amazing software companies.

We help them with software development, testing, and UX/UI research and execution. We adapt whatever technologies they need, including Java, .NET, Ruby, etc., as well as other non-mainstream technologies like Clojure.

Working with Nearsoft allows you to sit back and enjoy the ride. You will reach the destination on time.

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